How to do Competitive Testing And Find Opportunities in Your Competitors’ Products

“In user tests, we actually like to test our competitors. Whether it’s their marketing or the actual product, that lets us learn a ton about competitors. But more importantly, it lets us learn about the customers, because we start to understand what value props resonate with customers, what do customers ..Continue Reading

How to Learn by Analyzing Your Product Website’s Cold Traffic

“To increase retention, don’t sell to the wrong customers.” – Jason M. Lemkin, Serial Entrepreneur It’s generally a good idea to start to view your sign-up process as a funnel. It can help with benchmarking, and with evaluating progress against those benchmarks. Tracking each step of the funnel (e.g. landing ..Continue Reading

How to Measure Brand Awareness for a Product or Business

“When our research indicated that 50% of people had heard of Showmax, then we knew we had “saturated” the market in terms of awareness, and could effectively move into performance marketing from there.” – Barron Ernst, Zenly Senior Product Manager How much growth is left in your market? Are the ..Continue Reading

How to Find and Analyze Friction Points in Your Product [ Complete Guide ]

“We’ve been trained to look at patterns, look at a line that fits the data points, but when it comes to qualitative research, those anomalies make a lot of difference because that may be a node to understanding a completely different market, a completely different customer. Anomalies need to be ..Continue Reading

Market Expansion: How to Find New Market Opportunities for Your Product

“If you have one customer in an industry, you can get 10. The outliers aren’t anomalies, they are the future.” – Jason M. Lemkin & Aaron Ross, Co-Authors of From Impossible to Inevitable Chances are that at the growth stage you have already felt a certain pull from other market ..Continue Reading

How to Learn From Every Sales Interactions and Improve Your Product’s Conversion Rate

“Remove the fear, and people will be more willing to pay you. People don’t like uncertainty—especially when they have to pay for it.” – Jason Fried, Basecamp Co-Founder & CEO A lot can be learned by speaking with the people in the trenches, those that work with customers day in ..Continue Reading