How to Run a Five Second Test to Evaluate a Product’s Language/Market Fit

“The people coming to your website start with a base belief. For example, they believe that messaging is good on a website, or they believe that they should do A/B testing, or they believe that they should email their customers. Most people don’t have enough belief and motivation to convert ..Continue Reading

How to Use the Product/Market Fit Survey to Evaluate Your Product’s Market Fit

“People have this Product/Market Fit survey, “How disappointed would you be if this product no longer existed?” A lot of people try to shoot down the framework. I don’t even argue with it. Yeah, you’re right, but you’re missing the point. The point isn’t the score. The point is all ..Continue Reading

How to Analyze Session Recordings to Improve Early Product Usage

“When a user has intent, their experience is actually a little bit different versus when you tell them, ‘Hey use this thing, and tell me if it’s usable or not.’” – Mostafa Elhefnawy, SnapTravel Senior Product Manager Session recordings, also known as session replays or visitor recordings, are renderings of ..Continue Reading

How to Learn From New User Signups to Improve Product Fit on the Market

“No matter how great your product is, it is very likely that 40-60% of your free trial users never see the product a second time.” – Samuel Hulick, UserOnboard Founder People perceive and understand value differently. Two perfectly qualified prospects can look at the same ads, landing pages, messaging, and ..Continue Reading

How to Improve Your Product to Acquire New Users by Analyzing Unsolicited Feedback

“Hate is closer to love than indifference—you can’t iterate around indifference, but you can around hate.” – Dave McClure, 500 Startups Co-Founder One of the many great things that happen when your business starts growing fast is that you begin to receive a lot of unprompted or unsolicited feedback. It’s ..Continue Reading

How to Make Sure Your Product Still Meets Customer Needs And Expectations

“Customers are loyal to the Job to be Done, not to the solutions they use.” – Mike Boysen, Jobs to be Done Canvas Creator Markets are accelerating. As a result, businesses have to become more responsive to the market. If a business catches a wave too late, it stands to ..Continue Reading