How to Find Your Best Customers Through Behavioral Segmentation

“Just because someone walks in and buys a high-margin good doesn’t necessarily mean you should prioritize that person as a customer.” – Jason Stanley, Element AI Design Research Lead In spite of your best efforts to acquire users who match your best fit customer profile, you’ll probably notice that: Some ..Continue Reading

How to Analyze Engagement by Product Features [ Complete Guide ]

“Feature engagement is more important than feature retention in my mind because if users come back, what are they coming back for? So it’s kind of that next layer and what are they doing when they come back? It’s just deeper into retention.” – Hiten Shah, Serial Entrepreneur User experience ..Continue Reading

How to Reduce Friction by Learning from Sales and Product Objections

“I get it, it’s hard. It’s like lining up to get kicked in the stomach. But if you know that the opportunities on the other side of that activity [ are worth it ], you gotta have the faith and push forward.” – Dan Martell, Serial Entrepreneur This may sound ..Continue Reading

How to Evaluate Product-Market Fit by Analyzing a Product’s Retention Cohorts

“Plot the % active over time (for various retention cohorts) to create your retention curve. IF it flattens off at some point, you have probably found product-market fit (PMF) for some market or audience.” – Brian Balfour, Reforge Founder & CEO Several years ago, Facebook almost reached a 70% retention ..Continue Reading

How to Find Leaks in Product Engagement Funnels (Complete Guide)

“No amount of clever marketing tricks, product design patterns or user interface (UI) trends will ever outperform leveraging the basic knowledge of how your audience perceives their current situation, and how they would like it improved.” – Samuel Hulick, UserOnboard Founder A lot of different analyses can help reveal leaks ..Continue Reading

How to Find Opportunities for Breakthrough Products by Analyzing the Strategic Positioning of Competitors

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” – Michael Porter, Author of Competitive Strategy W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, professors at INSEAD and authors of Blue Ocean Strategy, created The Strategy Canvas to help capture the strategic landscape for an organization. Early-stage businesses ..Continue Reading