How to Introduce Customer Research in Your Organization

“We have this belief that we can manage change, but the reality is we all change on our own terms, on our own time.” – Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach A lot of the challenges that you will face when you introduce customer research in a company are common across ..Continue Reading

How to Find New Product Opportunities with a Sales Safari

“Forget ideas, study a market.”– Amy Hoy, Serial Entrepreneur Sales Safari is a research technique based on ethnography developed by serial entrepreneurs Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman. In a way, the technique applies the idea of ethnography—direct observation of users in their natural environment—to the Internet. Part of the thesis ..Continue Reading

How to Analyze Product Events to Improve Early Product Retention

“If the key behavior in your product does not occur within the frequency of a week’s time or less, it will be very difficult to change your user’s habit.” – Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked and Indistractable It’s easy to get carried away when you start instrumenting the analytics of ..Continue Reading

How to Evaluate Market Demand With Off-Brand Experiments

“The question was simple, if this wasn’t Toyota, would anybody even care?“ – David J. Bland, Co-Author of Testing Business Ideas Although Off-Brand Testing or Off-Brand Experiments are a type of A/B test, I think they’re worth looking at independently. While A/B tests generally use your company’s branding and official ..Continue Reading

How Mailchimp Used Product-Led Onboarding to Segment Its Users

“The goal is to create a delightful experience. It’s to create a first impression that is so personalized, so useful that you’re delivering value in that first touch, or that first couple of touches. That’s super important.” – Guillaume Cabane, Growth Advisor As an early entrant to the email marketing ..Continue Reading

How to Introduce Continuous Discovery in Your Organization in 2024

“Teams that build continuous discovery into their DNA will become smarter than their investors, and build more successful companies.“ – Steve Blank, Creator of the Customer Development framework There are thousands of ways to learn from your users and customers to move your business forward. Unfortunately, without a plan and ..Continue Reading