How to Find New Product Opportunities with a Sales Safari

“Forget ideas, study a market.”– Amy Hoy, Serial Entrepreneur Sales Safari is a research technique based on ethnography developed by serial entrepreneurs Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman. In a way, the technique applies the idea of ethnography—direct observation of users in their natural environment—to the Internet. Part of the thesis ..Continue Reading

How to Analyze Product Events to Improve Early Product Retention

“If the key behavior in your product does not occur within the frequency of a week’s time or less, it will be very difficult to change your user’s habit.” – Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked and Indistractable It’s easy to get carried away when you start instrumenting the analytics of ..Continue Reading

How to Evaluate Market Demand With Off-Brand Experiments

“The question was simple, if this wasn’t Toyota, would anybody even care?“ – David J. Bland, Co-Author of Testing Business Ideas Although Off-Brand Testing or Off-Brand Experiments are a type of A/B test, I think they’re worth looking at independently. While A/B tests generally use your company’s branding and official ..Continue Reading

How to Analyze a Competitive Product Through Product Reviews

“For any new idea I have, I make sure there are similar products out there, making money currently. Otherwise, the market may not support the executed idea.” – Paul Jarvis, Entrepreneur & Author In B2B, but also in B2C, customer reviews are playing an increasingly important role in the buying ..Continue Reading

How to Use Product Demos and Switch Interviews to Improve a Product’s Value

“Be wary of feedback that contradicts reaction. Lean in close and watch how people use it.” – Jake Knapp, Author of Sprint It can be a good idea to launch your product without a self-serve mode, as Brennan and the team at RightMessage did. Not only will it cut development ..Continue Reading

How to Implement a Survey to Learn From Your Product’s Users and Customers

“A survey shouldn’t be a fallback for when you can’t do the right type of research.” – Erika Hall, Author of Just Enough Research On the surface, running a survey seems easy. After all, all you have to do is: create an account on SurveyMonkey, Typeform, or any of the ..Continue Reading