How to Find Leaks in Product Engagement Funnels (Complete Guide)

“No amount of clever marketing tricks, product design patterns or user interface (UI) trends will ever outperform leveraging the basic knowledge of how your audience perceives their current situation, and how they would like it improved.” – Samuel Hulick, UserOnboard Founder A lot of different analyses can help reveal leaks ..Continue Reading

Why Feature Tests Don’t Always Give the Results You Think They Do (And What You Can Use Instead)

“Don’t build anything unless you get validation first. Build the button, but not the feature. Track the results.” – Sebastien Brault, Serial Entrepreneur A common way to pre-test features is to set up a Fake Door feature tests. The general idea of a Fake Door experiment is to pretend to ..Continue Reading

How to Find and Flag Your Team’s Product and Business Assumptions

“A lot of organizations prefer to talk about testing rather than research because it sounds definitive and finite. (We passed the test! We’re done!) If you are running a company or building a product, you have to commit to continuous learning.” – Erika Hall, Author of Just Enough Research To ..Continue Reading

How to Align on Customer Insights and Build Consensus in a Product Team

“What confuses researchers is they think if they present logical facts that are irrefutable then obviously people have to listen to it. Somehow, they’re continually surprised over their careers that people aren’t listening to their irrefutable facts, not understanding that these decisions are not being made on the basis of ..Continue Reading

Actionable Customer Insights: How to Make Insights Useful and Accessible

“Innovation is insights put into action.” – Stephen Inoue, Investor As businesses grow, the types and amount of customer data that they generate usually start to grow exponentially. This creates both a challenge and an opportunity. The better you can make sense of your data, the smarter your organization can ..Continue Reading

Creating Customer Proximity with Your Early Users – A Short Guide

“Under-scale your product so to not look to automate everything all at once but instead to be your product as much as possible.” – Samuel Hulick, UserOnboard Founder What does ‘close to the customer’ mean in the context of a technology product? Watching users’ every moves? Waiting by the phone? ..Continue Reading