How Mailchimp Used Product-Led Onboarding to Segment Its Users

“The goal is to create a delightful experience. It’s to create a first impression that is so personalized, so useful that you’re delivering value in that first touch, or that first couple of touches. That’s super important.” – Guillaume Cabane, Growth Advisor As an early entrant to the email marketing ..Continue Reading

How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Found Its Core Value Through Value Proposition Testing

“In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope.” – Charles Revson, Revlon Co-Founder Sachin Rekhi went to work at LinkedIn in 2011 after Connected, the business he had built, was acquired by the social networking giant. A few years after joining the company, Sachin found himself ..Continue Reading

How Clarity Found the Buying Triggers of Its Best-Fit Customers

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” – Dolly Parton, Singer-Songwriter Dan Martell and Mike Wu created Clarity, a marketplace to help experts monetize their expertise, in 2012. When they started, there was no marketplace. Users could search a list of experts, sort by expertise, and schedule ..Continue Reading

How Statflo Creates Team Alignment Across its Product Organization

“Nothing is more certain to cause a project to fail than a misunderstanding of the problem you are solving.” – Lenny Rachitsky, Product Management Expert As Statflo kept growing, the co-founders decided to split up the product by feature sets, and hire several more product managers. Although the split helped ..Continue Reading

How to Build Customer Empathy in a Product Team or Product Organization

“I’ve never met anybody from any team that hasn’t been transformed by meeting real people in their environments. Some of them are shocked at how much they’ve changed after the meetings.” – Dr. Sam Ladner, Author of Practical Ethnography and Mixed Methods For the past decade, Dr. Sam Ladner has ..Continue Reading

How to Learn From Your Product’s Ultimate End Users in B2B2C

“Every time we add another step to some system, the probability that the system works is reduced.” – Peter Bevelin, Author of Seeking Wisdom Early in his career, Simon Seroussi worked as a product manager for TravelClick, makers of a hotel reservation and booking platform. As a Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) organization, ..Continue Reading