Market Expansion: How to Find New Market Opportunities for Your Product

“If you have one customer in an industry, you can get 10. The outliers aren’t anomalies, they are the future.” – Jason M. Lemkin & Aaron Ross, Co-Authors of From Impossible to Inevitable Chances are that at the growth stage you have already felt a certain pull from other market ..Continue Reading

How Statflo Creates Team Alignment Across its Product Organization

“Nothing is more certain to cause a project to fail than a misunderstanding of the problem you are solving.” – Lenny Rachitsky, Product Management Expert As Statflo kept growing, the co-founders decided to split up the product by feature sets, and hire several more product managers. Although the split helped ..Continue Reading

How to Learn From Every Sales Interactions and Improve Your Product’s Conversion Rate

“Remove the fear, and people will be more willing to pay you. People don’t like uncertainty—especially when they have to pay for it.” – Jason Fried, Basecamp Co-Founder & CEO A lot can be learned by speaking with the people in the trenches, those that work with customers day in ..Continue Reading

How to Run a Five Second Test to Evaluate a Product’s Language/Market Fit

“The people coming to your website start with a base belief. For example, they believe that messaging is good on a website, or they believe that they should do A/B testing, or they believe that they should email their customers. Most people don’t have enough belief and motivation to convert ..Continue Reading

How to Use the Product/Market Fit Survey to Evaluate Your Product’s Market Fit

“People have this Product/Market Fit survey, “How disappointed would you be if this product no longer existed?” A lot of people try to shoot down the framework. I don’t even argue with it. Yeah, you’re right, but you’re missing the point. The point isn’t the score. The point is all ..Continue Reading

How to Analyze Session Recordings to Improve Early Product Usage

“When a user has intent, their experience is actually a little bit different versus when you tell them, ‘Hey use this thing, and tell me if it’s usable or not.’” – Mostafa Elhefnawy, SnapTravel Senior Product Manager Session recordings, also known as session replays or visitor recordings, are renderings of ..Continue Reading